Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Etiwanda School District has the best test scores in San Bernardino County.

At the last school board meeting for the Etiwanda School District they announced and showed the test scores for the San Bernardino County school districts. 

We the Etiwanda School District ranked the highest for Mathematics and English Language Arts.

We live in a great school district. This did not happen by accident. We have a great school board that has been leading to what we are today.

I want to help keep our school district on the path of focusing on Excellence in Education.

I want us to keep our focus on Education. That's why the school district exists. There are a lot of new beliefs or fads happening in the world and their are strong feeling for and against them. If its something that doesn't improve our kids education it should stay out of our schools.

Vote for me to keep the Etiwanda School District the Best in the San Bernardino County.

Vote for Zachary Scott Cadman

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Where will the new school go?



My name is Zachary Scott Cadman. I am running to be on the school board so if my name is on your ballot vote for me. A vote for me is an acknowledgement that the Etiwanda School District is a great district. It is a vote to continually support our students to get the best education possible while maintaining a healthy respect for parental rights and good pay for our teachers/staff to attract the best. 

One thing the school board does is prepare. There is a developer who owns a lot of land who has proposals to increase the amount of housing on the east side of the 15 freeway. His proposals will increase housing 3,000 to 7,000 houses and apartments. If this goes through the school board will have to build a quick school to accommodate all those new houses before more permanent upgrades to current schools would be able to accommodate them.

If you look above you can see the proposed site of the new school. It's the little white square that says ETIWANDA SCHOOL DISTRICT. It is currently a field of shrubs that I thought was all a part of the flood control just east of Summit Intermediate school. Looks like the city of Rancho Cucamonga owns land right next to Summit.

This was discussed at a recent board meeting telling all the possible new housing projects and what the school may have to do to help all the new influx of new students the new housing would bring. Some of the new housing was very compact apartments that I do not agree with but that is a city of Fontana planning issue. Hopefully they can talk them down to a more reasonable housing situation. They might build huge maybe 7 story apartments surrounding Falcon Ridge Elementary School that would be around 3,000 new apartments. If you live in Fontana you may want to voice your opposition to the city planning and city mayor.

This is just one example of what our district has to have funds saved for in case they need to build a new school fast.

Vote for me Zachary Scott Cadman. I will do my best to keep you informed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Did you receive your ballot yet? Vote for Zachary Scott Cadman for Etiwanda School District!

Is the Etiwanda School District known for being a great school district?


Has the Etiwanda School District done things the last couple years due to state mandates that they were forced to even when they disagreed?


Do I believe in parental rights in directing our students' education? 


Vote for me Zachary Scott Cadman and I will continue what our great board members have before me which is providing a great education for our children. Anything besides improving our students ability to get an excellent education safely should be taken care of at home. A vote for me will help this happen. This is a great school district, Vote for Zachary Scott Cadman and we will keep it great!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Parent Rights


The Etiwanda School District is a state and government run school. This means it has to follow laws created by the government who fund the schools. So when ever you vote, make sure your vote increases parental freedom.

I believe parental rights and beliefs should be respected. If they don't want something taught to your kids it should not be taught. I will fight for parents rights on the board to keep things out of our schools that are controversial and do not belong there. One example is if a book were rated R then it should not be available to a kid who can't go see that movie in the theater.

If you have issues with something in your kids school and class please bring it to my attention and we can work to fix it. When I am on the board I will work to make sure if I wouldn't want it for my kids you the parent should know and have the option to also avoid it for your kids.

One great suggestion is to remove the opt out options on things parents worry about and instead making parents have to opt in so it will not happen without parent consent. This sounds like a great idea!

A vote for Zachary Cadman for Etiwanda School Board will preserve your parental rights.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Sex Education in Our Schools

How many of you like the idea of the government teaching your kids sex ed?  That's what public school is, it is the government teaching your kids sex ed.  My mother opted all of my siblings and me out of the school sex ed.  My siblings and I learned right and wrong at home and at church. 

One person said

I have a lot of questions on the material. What I was sent from summit was very vague. They said we can review the material but I’m going to opt my son out of the sex Ed. I am still going to review the material and advocate for changes to be made if necessary”

To which my response was 

“I 100% agree. You should always call the school or email your concerns that are real, legitimate and happening in our schools. If enough parents that disagreed opted out, called and email the school, communicating clearly with solutions to the problem we could get a lot more accomplished. 

If only the few rude parents who just want to yell at people call or email the school that won't accomplish much.”

ALWAYS advocate for your child and what you believe in.

Here is the most recent school board policy I could find when it comes to teaching sex ed. Please read it and then tell me if you agree or disagree and why.

School Board Policy


Etiwanda School District Administrative Regulation

The following is part of the last links information

Etiwanda School District Administrative Regulation
Board Approved Revision: October 11, 2007
Board Approved: August 19, 2004
Effective Date: August 19, 2004

AR-6142.1 Family Life Education

Comprehensive Sexual Health Instruction

1. Emphasize that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only protection that is 100%
effective against unwanted teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and
acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) when transmitted sexually.

2. Be age appropriate.

3. Present factual information, including but not limited to medical, psychiatric,
psychological, empirical and statistical statements, that is medically accurate.
Medically accurate means verified or supported by research conducted in compliance
with scientific methods and published in peer-review journals, where appropriate, and
recognized as accurate and objective by professional organizations and agencies with
expertise in the relevant field, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and
the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

4. When discussing contraception, stress that abstinence is the only contraceptive
method which is 100% effective.

 Beginning in grade 7, instruction and materials shall teach that abstinence from
sexual intercourse is the only certain way to prevent unintended pregnancy, teach that
abstinence from sexual activity is the only certain way to prevent sexually transmitted
diseases, and provide information about the value of abstinence while also providing
medically accurate information on other methods of preventing pregnancy and
sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Stress that sexually transmitted diseases are serious possible hazards of sexual
intercourse. Students shall be provided with statistics based on the latest medical
information citing the failure and success rates of condoms in preventing AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases.

 Beginning in grade 7, instruction and materials shall provide information about
sexually transmitted diseases. This instruction shall include how sexually transmitted
diseases are and are not transmitted, the effectiveness and safety of all federal Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) approved methods of reducing the risk of contracting
sexually transmitted diseases, and information on local resources for testing and
medical care for sexually transmitted diseases. 

6. Include a discussion of the possible emotional and psychological consequences of preadolescent and adolescent sexual intercourse outside of marriage and the consequences of unwanted adolescent pregnancy. 

7. Advise students of the laws pertaining to their financial responsibility to children born in and out of wedlock. 

8. Stress that students should abstain from sexual intercourse until they are ready for marriage. 

9. Teach honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage. 

10. Advise students of the provisions of Health and Safety Code 1255.7 and Penal Code 271.5, relating to parents and others who voluntarily surrender physical custody of a minor child 72 hours old or younger at a hospital emergency room or other designated location without being subject to prosecution for a violation of certain crimes such as child abandonment. 

11. Advise students that it is unlawful pursuant to Penal Code 261.5 for males or females of any age to have sexual intercourse with males or females under the age of 18 to whom they are not married. 

12. Emphasize that students have the power to control personal behavior. Students shall be encouraged to base their actions on reasoning, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, self-control, and ethical considerations such as respect for one's self and others. 

13. Teach students to not make unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances and how to say "no" to unwanted sexual advances. Information shall be provided about verbal, physical and visual sexual assault, including but not limited to nonconsensual sexual advances, nonconsensual physical sexual contact, and rape by an acquaintance, commonly referred to as "date rape." This course material and instruction shall contain methods of preventing sexual assault by an acquaintance, including exercising good judgment and avoiding behavior that impairs good judgment, and shall also encourage youth to resist negative peer pressure. This course material and instruction also shall inform students of the potential legal consequences of sexual assault by an acquaintance. Specifically, students shall be advised that it is unlawful to touch an intimate part of another person, as specified Penal Code 243.4(d). 

14. Be free of racial, ethnic and gender biases. 

15. Teach students that it is wrong to take advantage of, or to exploit, another person. 

We have a great school board. 

A vote for me will be a vote to preserve our districts pure intentions to teach and protect our kids.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Communication is important.

Communication is important. Make sure to read your email to stay up to date with our school district.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Etiwanda School District Areas

The zoomed in area is the area I am running for. I could use all of your support. If you would like a yard sign or like to help please message me.

For full map from the ESD Follow link below

The Etiwanda School District has the best test scores in San Bernardino County.

At the last school board meeting for the Etiwanda School District they announced and showed the test scores for the San Bernardino County sc...